Tilted Plate Separation


The feed flow is fed into the module plates at the lower end of the plates. While the feed water is flowing to the top of the TPS in between the plates the sludge is settling on the plates, sliding downwards and released at the bottom of the module. In order to prevent any interference between the settling sludge and the feed water a minimum free space below the module is normally taken into account.

The settled water is released at the top of the module by using a discharge gutter equipped with discharge orifices in order to create a homogeneous water release over the length of the module.

TPS Modules

Each settling area can be designed by an arrangement of a number of TPS modules. The optimum configuration will be determined on the basis of feed flow rate, solids concentration and density, settling rate, sludge volume and required effluent quality. An application questionnaire may be helpful for designing purposes. If appropriate dedicated settling tests may be useful.