Sand-Cycle: remote monitoring and control tool

Innovative way for monitoring and controlling continuous sand filters

Sand-Cycle has been developed in recent years to provide better insight in the performance of any type of continuous sand filtration system. This tool uses RFID tags that are added to the sand filter bed, where they follow the sand movement through the filter.

When detecting the tags using an antenna, the registration information is processed and calculated into useful parameters that power the Sand-Cycle dashboard. In this way, an operator is able to have almost real time insight in parameters like sand circulation speeds and filter bed homogeneity.

In 2017, Sand-Cycle was reconigzed for its simplicity and added value by receiving the Water Industry Achievement Award in the UK.


- Reduced amount of fysical, technical filter inspection;
- The frequency of replacing wearing parts (airlift, wash labyrint) in most cases can be reduced;
- Risks of leaching out filter sand are minimized;
- Regularly measuring and registering sand circulation speeds manually is no longer necessary;
- Planned and controlled maintenance at the installation can take place easier;
- The presentation of the filter installation are increased in most cases.

Sand-Cycle remote monitoring and control tool provides online dashboards that give insight in the actual performance of a continuous sand filter

Sand-Cycle quickly and effectively detects a blockage of the airlift in the sand filter

Sand-Cycle reference: WWTP Franeker

A real time Sand-Cycle monitoring system has been succesfully implemented at the Franeker municipal waste water treatment works operated by Wetterskip Fryslan in the Netherlands. Here twenty-four Moving Bed Filters (MBFs), divided over six filter cells, were installed by BW products

The system has been developed in close collaboration with Brightwork and allows the operators to continuously monitor the actual filter operational status. One operator commented: "Installing SandCycle showed to be the best way to get the most out of my continuous sand filters. Clear dashboards show extremely effective to optimize filter operations. Direct savings are now at hand".

The Sand-Cycle remote monitoring and control system may be applied at all continuous sand filter plants: e.g. AquaBiofilter, AstraSand, DynaSand, HydraSand etc.

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This photo shows one of many Sand-Cycle monitoring and control tool references in the world