Rental equipment

In order to meet continuous requests from our clients for implementing temporary water and waste water treatment schemes, we have recently expanded our rental fleet with treatment plants capable of handling flows of 3 – 300 m3/h. This allows us to promise our customers a rapid mobilization and hence we are able to solve any water related issues, which requires immediate action. Currently our temporary equipment is running in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, United Kingdom and Ireland. Furthermore we are using our equipment to test new applications. This allows us to continuously work on product and technology development. In close collaboration with our partners and customers we are executing practical research to stretch applications and operating windows. Let us know if you need an immediate solution or if you want to explore options for extending your water or waste water treatment.

Continuous filter plant

Continuous filter plant, consisting of three identical units in stainless, each with a capacity of 50 – 75 m3/h and equipped with 15 m3 of bed volume. The filter units are 2.5 m in diameter and 7.5 m tall. The total plant capacity is in the range of 150 – 225 m3/h. The plant may be used for a variety of applications, ranging from surface water direct filtration for process water production to waste water polishing for solids, phosphorus and/or nitrate-nitrogen removal. The plant may also be used for introducing a water reuse scheme saving the overall water consumption of your site. Our process team may liaise with you how to implement the filter plant or parts of it into your treatment scheme in the most optimal way.

This plant consists of a controlled coagulation – flocculation – lamella settling and may be used for solids removal, both organic and anorganic solids. Applications are both in water and waste water treatment. In water applications surface water and ground water may be used as the source for treatment. In waste water applications both primary and secondary settling may be envisaged. This plant has a capacity of 10 – 30 m3/h, depending on the solids load, the type of solids and the effluent criteria. The unit is easy to mobilize and requires a small footprint.
Plant consists of a controlled coagulation – flocculation – lamella settling