High Rate Prefiltration system
High Rate Prefiltration (HRP) An improved pre-treatment of raw waste water The project focuses on the application of continuous media filtration for primary treatment of (municipal) waste water. The target is to achieve multiple goals: a good separation efficiency, a compact installation and the possibility for resource recovery. The research is executed. We are very pleased our research is supported By SNN and the European fund for regional development.      
Ecoblue diagram with examples
Brightwork & Fabiton developed the EcoBlue filter Brightwork and Fabiton developed the EcoBlue filter. The artist impresson above shows this compact and modular continuous sand filtration system for (waste)water treatment and water reuse. In a joined effort, Brightwork, and Fabiton developed the innovative EcoBlue filter. Together they now launch this new product. Continuous sand filtration with high capacity The EcoBlue filter is based on the well-known continuous sand filtration principle. In recent years, there has been a growing demand worldwide for compact and modular (waste)water treatment solutions. The EcoBlue filter is the answer to this need, since it is entirely
Continuous sand filter
BW Products rapidly provides-continuous sand filter in wales “Speed is of the essence”, with that motto in mind, BW Products rapidly provides a continuous sand filter in Wales. Within a few weeks this filter installation will be in operation by Welsh Water. In this way, an urgent discharge problem at one of her sewage water treatment plants can be solved completely. Answer to client requests “More and more often we get questions from our clients to solve an urgent problems. We then come in to action as soon as possible to adjust existing installations, but also to to supply complete
Brightwork is represented during Aquatech 2019
Brightwork is represented during Aquatech 2019 Do you want to know what kind of projects Brightwork is working on? And what expertise and technologies we have for (waste)water treatment? And do you know how Sand-Cycle works? Please visit Aquatech 2019 this week November 5-8th in Amsterdam RAI to get the answers. And meet the Brightwork team at the Holland Innovation Park! Brightwork is represented during Aquatech 2019, booth 11.404A, in the Holland Pavilion. Of course there is time to have a little chat. Or to ask specific questions about current or future projects. Whatever the reason might be for your
Sand cycle dashboard example
The figure above is a Sand-Cycle dashboard of the pilot at RWZI Gardermoen on March 1st 2018. The graph shows the average sand circulation speed (blue line) during 48 hours and the related standard deviation (upper and lower gray lines). In this way, this graph gives realtime insight whether the filter is running good or bad. Sand-Cycle receives positive feedback in Norwegian pilot research Sand-cycle receives positive feedback of researchers that have used Sand-Cycle in their pilot testing with continuous sand filtration at WwTW Gardermoen in Norway. They are enthusiastic about the use of this tool and reported their positive