STW Installation in Wales
Brightwork Products started refurbishing the sand filters at Whitchurch STW in Wales Brightwork BV recently started to refurbish existing continuous sand filters, which to date underperformed. After a survey using our Sand-Cycle remote monitoring tool, a refurbishment plan has been composed in close collaboration with Nijhuis UK for Welsh Water. Field work has recently started by our process engineers Freerk and Chantal, aiming for completion of the works within the next months.
AMR Logo
Brightwork has joined the Dutch Public-Private Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) Consortium The Dutch Association Innovative Medicines (VIG), the Dutch Generic and Biosimilar Medicines Association (BOGIN), the European Water Stewardship (EWS) and AMR Insights have taken the initiative to establish this Consortium with the aim to support technological solutions and innovation capacity to reduce emissions from antibiotic waste streams. The Consortium targets hospitals, waste water treatment plants and manufacturing plants within and outside the European Union including countries such as China, India and other LMIC’s. On the short term the action-oriented Consortium will access and provide existing technologies. On the longer term
Youtube logo example
Video Series Brightwork BV. Interested in learning more Sand filters and curious about how our products work? As of today we have started to record a series of video explaining this. The first one is already online! See our youtube channel Brightwork BV. for more information. Any questions can be sent to
Drylet and brightwork collaboration for bio booster
Visualization of the characteristics of an Aqua Assist particle (200 – 500 microns) Drylet and Brightwork introduce new "bio-booster" to the Dutch market At the Holland Pavilion during the IFAT two years ago laid the foundation for a successful exclusive collaboration between American technology supplier Drylet and consultant Brightwork from Sneek. Drylet's Aqua Assist technology, where substrate enriched with microbial material is introduced into bioreactors, leads to a reduction in sludge production, better sludge characteristics and - when used in sludge fermentation - to a higher biogas yield. In 2019, the technology was tested in an endurance test at Halsteren
High Rate Prefiltration system
High Rate Prefiltration (HRP) An improved pre-treatment of raw waste water The project focuses on the application of continuous media filtration for primary treatment of (municipal) waste water. The target is to achieve multiple goals: a good separation efficiency, a compact installation and the possibility for resource recovery. The research is executed. We are very pleased our research is supported By SNN and the European fund for regional development.