Dashboard of Sand-Cycle
Successfully refurbishment water utility’s assets in Wales Brightwork Products successfully completed the refurbishment of the tertiary filter plant at the Whitchurch sewage treatment works in Wales, UK. The filter plant, with a capacity of 7,000 m3 per day, operated by Welsh Water, has been equipped with new internals and is consistently monitored using the Sand-Cycle remote dashboards. After commissioning early September this year, the filter plant has been operated continuously 24/7 for over three months, achieving excellent filtration results. “We are finally using these assets to its full capabilities, after we almost lost confidence in the technology”, one of the client’s
Micropollutant removal at Stengarden wastewater
IVL published results of full-scale trials for micropollutant removal at Stengarden wastewater plant. The Swedish Environmental Research Institute IVL Svenska Miljöinstitutet recently published the results of extensive trials at a full scale tertiary DynaSand filter plant at Stengarden wastewater plant, operated by Simrishamns kommun in South-East Sweden. The research was a joined effort by IVL, Simrishamn Kommun, Xylem Inc., Nordic Water Products and Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. The plant consists of both sand and granular activated carbon filtration and focuses upon the removal of pharmaceuticals. We are proud that all filters have been successfully monitored by our Sand-Cycle technology. According to the research team: ‘’Sand-Cycle generates
Brightwork in the picture at Dwr Cymru Welsh Water Innovation Event 2020 During the upcoming Welsh Water Innovation Event (October 29th 2020) Brightwork's CEO Hans Wouters and BW Products’ team will demonstrate Sand-Cycle technology, applied in various continuous tertiary sand filter plants, by showing remote real-time performance data from one of the larger tertiary filter plants for nitrogen and phosphorus removal in Europe. Moreover we are delighted to give the audience a life sneak preview of the recently commissioned filter plant at Welsh Water’s Llandewy Brefi WwTP. You can found more about through this newsletter 
Data driven enthusiasm header
Data driven enthusiasm in Water tech: A Game Changer Data driven enthusiasm to improve performance is the main message of Brightwork’s CEO, Hans Wouters in his personal contribution in the present edition of the Journal “Mark and Focus”. It’s about what a pandemic can do to impact your daily activities and how we can improve both our personal skills and our water tech business opportunities by “looking for clues” in data analytics. Do you want to learn more about Hans’ personal drivers? Read it here on Mark and Focus  
STW Installation in Wales
Brightwork Products started refurbishing the sand filters at Whitchurch STW in Wales Brightwork BV recently started to refurbish existing continuous sand filters, which to date underperformed. After a survey using our Sand-Cycle remote monitoring tool, a refurbishment plan has been composed in close collaboration with Nijhuis UK for Welsh Water. Field work has recently started by our process engineers Freerk and Chantal, aiming for completion of the works within the next months.