WRRF Kaatsheuvel, Netherlands Efteling, water authority Brabantse Delta
Stretching continuous filtration for process water production and wastewater treatment. Continuous granular media upward flow filters have been widely used for various drinking water and wastewater treatment applications. In wastewater tertiary applications, they have been implemented for solids, biochemical oxygen demand, and nutrient removal. In surface water and ground water treatment, continuous filters produce processed water. In cooling water bypass filtration, continuous filters are very useful to keep the cooling water system clean, reduce chemical consumption, and blowdown volumes. New applications, focusing on removal of microconstituents are stretching the operating window further by using granular activated carbon as the filter
Sand filter units at the Barbengo WWTP
Sand-Cycle applied in Switzerland Full scale trials at WwTP Barbengo in Switzerland are executed to remove micropollutants in the waste water effluent, which is discharged into Lake of Lugano. EAWAG is managing the project which will focus on powdered activated carbon dosing prior to the tertiary continuous sand filters. In collaboration Techfina from Switzerland and Nordic Water GmbH Sand-Cycle will be implemented to monitor the sand filter performance during the trials. This is the first Swiss Sand-Cycle reference. Switzerland is ahead of the European market for micropollutant removal from municipal waste water, governed by  national legislation. Tertiary DynaSand filters, which
Large scale modular filter design
New technology for micropollutant removal from waste water selected for further research   Brightwork has successfully applied for further research funding from the Dutch  Innovation Program MicroPollutants (IPMV), managed by STOWA and the Dutch ministry of infrastructure and water management. This program is aiming at accelerating the time to market of treatment technologies which may help water boards to efficiently remove micropollutants from waste water. The core of our technical solution is tertiary continuous filtration using a filter medium consisting of granular activated carbon (GAC). In order to extend the period between two regenerations of the GAC the filter is
Fresh water factory’s filter plant under investigation Delfland’s Water Authority is developing a fresh water factory to improve the bathing water quality of the Krabbenplas, a local water body. Therefore tertiary ozone treatment in combination with continuous sand filtration is projected at wastewater treatment plant De Groote Lucht near Vlaardingen, the Netherlands. The existing continuous sand filter plant, with a design capacity of 1 m3 per second, built in 1998, will be refurbished to meet the present requirements for nitrogen and phosphorus. We are now executing a full inspection of all filter components to upgrade the plant and guarantee operations
Dashboard of Sand-Cycle
Successfully refurbishment water utility’s assets in Wales Brightwork Products successfully completed the refurbishment of the tertiary filter plant at the Whitchurch sewage treatment works in Wales, UK. The filter plant, with a capacity of 7,000 m3 per day, operated by Welsh Water, has been equipped with new internals and is consistently monitored using the Sand-Cycle remote dashboards. After commissioning early September this year, the filter plant has been operated continuously 24/7 for over three months, achieving excellent filtration results. “We are finally using these assets to its full capabilities, after we almost lost confidence in the technology”, one of the client’s