New technology for micropollutant removal from waste water selected for further research


Brightwork has successfully applied for further research funding from the Dutch  Innovation Program MicroPollutants (IPMV), managed by STOWA and the Dutch ministry of infrastructure and water management. This program is aiming at accelerating the time to market of treatment technologies which may help water boards to efficiently remove micropollutants from waste water.

The core of our technical solution is tertiary continuous filtration using a filter medium consisting of granular activated carbon (GAC). In order to extend the period between two regenerations of the GAC the filter is oxygenated to promote biological activity. This will promote biological degradation of organic matter and increase the prolonged adsorption capabilities of the medium for micropollutants.

The technology might simultaneously be suitable for nutrient removal, e.g. for the removal of phosphorus by coagulant dosing into the feed of the filter. In this way a multifunctional treatment system is developed which also contributes to the European water framework directive goals.

If the feasibility study is completed and the claims are confirmed a pilot plant will be operated in close collaboration with one or more Dutch water boards. Some water boards have already expressed their interest in the proposed technology.

Large scale modular filter design

Large scale modular filter design