German paper mill now “running in Sand-Cycle mode”

Good quality process water is crucial for most of our clients in order to be able to execute the core businesses. This is particularly the case for the german paper mill Niederauer Mühle in Kreuzau. It is specialized in white corrugated medium paper. The high quality paper is used as printed cover layer for cardboards and as headliner.

Niederauer Mühle is using surface water as the source to make process water of high quality. A direct filtration plant based on DynaSand filter technology (Nordic Water GmbH) is part of the process water production plant. In order to further increase the reliability of the plant and reduce the efforts to (manually) check the performance, the client embraced our remote Sand-Cycle monitoring technology. Full 24/7 access to the actual operational conditions of the sand filters allows the operators to focus upon the core activities and to act immediately and effectively if any of the filters is showing anomalies. Dashboards are used to show the operators the status of all six filters in operation at a glance.

We are happy to make this work and to support our clients by offering tools which help facilitating the day-to-day performance, reduce manpower requirements and optimize uptime of the plant. If you want to know what the technology looks like and what it may offer you, please download our whitepaper, showing reference cases, indicating and quantifying the benefits.


Sand-Cycle integrated with 6 filters from Nordic Water

Sand-Cycle Germany