Brightwork has joined the Dutch Public-Private Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) Consortium

The Dutch Association Innovative Medicines (VIG), the Dutch Generic and Biosimilar Medicines Association (BOGIN), the European Water Stewardship (EWS) and AMR Insights have taken the initiative to establish this Consortium with the aim to support technological solutions and innovation capacity to reduce emissions from antibiotic waste streams. The Consortium targets hospitals, waste water treatment plants and manufacturing plants within and outside the European Union including countries such as China, India and other LMIC’s.


On the short term the action-oriented Consortium will access and provide existing technologies. On the longer term the Consortium will make available highly innovative, more affordable solutions resulting from current and newly initiated research and development work. The objective of the Consortium is to reduce the antibiotic emissions with the overarching aim of adding to the global curbing of Antimicrobial resistance (AMR). Brightwork’s aim is to start collaborating with the Consortium partners, using our technologies, test facilities and expertise in order to develop sustainable solutions to address the threats of antimicrobial resistance in the environment.



You can find out more about our techniques via this link.



Optimizing continuous sand filter performance became now easier with an API access

Sand-Cycle is used as a powerful real-time tool in continuous sand filters to watch the filter performance and to optimize the process.

The Sand-Cycle remote RFID monitoring portal has now been extended with an API access. This allows our customers to integrate the Sand-Cycle output into any local control system.


More about that you can found it at the website of Sand-Cycle.